About Krysten Elaine

I’m Krysten Elaine, an autodidact photographer driven by adoration of eccentric behaviorism, and the exhilaration to witness unspeakable expressions. I began documenting plants in 2014, but started studying photography in late 2016, after being invited to photograph a brazilian jiu jitsu class. This is when I realized my natural talent for capturing people, observing them very comfortably in a fast-paced environment, wanting more of the intense energy I felt. I’ve immersed myself in food photography along with documenting plants, animals and family. I’m a published stock photographer for Shutterstock, iStock Getty Images, as well as content for social media. Some of my personal work is available for purchase on, although I do change out images from time to time.

When I am not taking photos, I write, cook, binge on Frasier, read books about history, basically live a life in North Texas with my two sour apple dogs.

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